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What Are The Rules For Permitting Of Docks (Floating Facilities) On Lake Lanier? Here's A Look At What You Should Know!

With the weather warming up here at Lake Lanier, and the Spring real estate market quickly approaching, we know that we will have plenty of newcomers shopping for second homes here on Lanier.  Many of these visitors will not have experience with the permitting process of boat docks on the lake.  And that always leads to lots of questions about boat docks, what's allowed and what is prohibited.  So, with that in mind, we thought we would gather a bit of information from the U.S.A.C.E. Shoreline Management Plan regarding boat docks / floating facilities.  As a reminder to all, and a refresher, the following guidelines apply to boat docks on Lake Lanier...

Private floating facilities eligible for permitting are as follows:

Boat dock: A structure with or without a roof, without sides/walls (completely enclosed)
unless existing and grandfathered, with storage slip(s) for docking or mooring a vessel. Such
structures will not exceed a maximum dimension of 32 feet by 32 feet. The aggregate slip
size will not exceed 20 feet (wide) by 28 feet (long). Walkways must be a minimum of 4 feet
wide. The maximum dimension will include any platform/deck added or constructed to the
docking facility. The maximum dimension of any attached platform/deck will not exceed 192
square feet. For the purposes of determining width from length on any type of floating
facility, width will always be that portion parallel to the shoreline; length will always be that
portion perpendicular to the shoreline. NOTE: The smallest dock to be permitted will be no
smaller than 18 feet by 24 feet providing a 10-foot by 20-foot slip. All new dock construction will be open-sided (without sides/walls) due to the following: inspection
requirements, unauthorized use and storage (indicating human habitation and unsanitary
conditions), reduced visual obstruction to shoreline esthetics, and reduced storm and wind
damage to the structure. A roof with straight-line design and minimum pitch from the
centerline ridge is recommended. Roof decks will be allowed, but structural integrity is
critical when covered with furniture and occupied by several persons (cases of collapse have
been recorded).

Platform/T-dock: No permits for private use will be issued for new platform/T-Docks due to
safety concerns and general unsuitability as a mooring facility. Existing docks of this
configuration that are currently authorized under permit will not be affected by this change in

Mooring Buoys: Although provisions for mooring buoys are provided in ER 1130-2-406,
these are no longer permitted on Lake Lanier due to the demand for public space and
previous safety problems caused by their presence.

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